‘A Wolf at the Door’ wins at the Miami Film Festival

Outsider Pictures’ A Wolf at the Door won Best Director and Best Film at the Miami Film Festival, winning cash prizes supported by the Knight Foundation.

The Miami Film Festival is a film-maker friendly festival, and Outsider and TCL had four films in the festival : A Wolf at the Door and Por Las Plumas in the main competition for first time Directors, and Heli and The Summer of Flying Fish in the Latin program.

Director Fernando Coimbra attended the screenings of A Wolf at the Door which is inspired by a true story that took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1960.  Both screenings were close to full; personally, I’m glad I don’t have to stand up and talk to an audience after the shocking finale, but Fernando is very gracious and as he explains, he wants to understand what could make us do the things we do as human beings, and that things are never that straight forward.  A Wolf at the Door will be released in theatres late-July, early August in the US.

Diana Sanchez who programs the Latin films at the Toronto Film Festival, describes Por Las Plumas (English title: All about the Feathers) as a bromance between a man and his rooster, and is a very charming comedy that features NO cockfighting at all (in case you were worried).

Chilean Producer Bruno Bettati (Jirafa) also attended the screening of The Summer of Flying Fish which played at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, and also in the Toronto Film Festival last year.  It is a beautifully shot film, and the film itself went through 17 script drafts as it changed from something lighter to something much darker, partly as a result of Director Marcella Said working on El Mocito.  The film is currently playing festivals in the US and Canada.

The final film from Outsider/TCLOnline was the Cannes award winner Heli.  The more I travel with this film, the more I find fans of this tough, uncompromising but also wonderful film.

My sincerest thanks to Jaie, Eloisa and Carol at the Miami Film Festival for their hospitality.

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